You’re Never Too Old to Benefit from Orthodontics

Orthodontic TreatmentThe need for orthodontics doesn’t magically disappear when you turn the grand old age of 20. In fact, more and more adults are turning to orthodontic treatment later in life, as they start to appreciate the true value of an attractive, perfectly aligned smile.

Surrey Braces in Weybridge offers a wide range of orthodontic solutions for patients of all ages – children, teenagers, and adults. This can involve the use of a fixed or removable appliance, depending on the type and amount of correction that is needed.

Adults seeking tooth straightening options may have missed out on orthodontics during their younger years, or may have had treatment but failed to wear their retainer for long enough, meaning their teeth have moved back out of position; this is known as “adult relapse”.

There are numerous health benefits to be gained from straightening your teeth at any age. With fewer awkward-to-reach gaps where plaque can build up, you can make it easier to brush and floss your teeth efficiently.

As long as you observe good dental hygiene practices and attend regular appointments with the dentist and hygienist, tooth straightening can cut your risk of both tooth decay and gum disease.

Removable appliances

Clear, removable aligners are an excellent option for adults or teenagers requiring mild to moderate correction. They can be used to treat a wider range of issues than some cosmetic brace systems, and have next to no impact on your lifestyle.

Systems such as Invisalign don’t need any special cleaning techniques. You simply pop them out to clean them at least twice a day, whilst also brushing and flossing your teeth as normal. They also don’t place many restrictions on your diet (although high sugar snacks should still be avoided).

Best of all for many people is the fact that nobody will notice aligners during day-to-day life, because they are made from clear plastic.

Fixed appliances

There are numerous subtle fixed appliances available, including cosmetic braces, tooth-coloured versions of metal braces, and lingual braces – which are attached to the back of your teeth.

You need to watch what you eat so as not to damage your brace, and should clean your teeth an hour after every meal.