Your Step-by-Step Guide to Replacing Garage Door Panels

man replacing a garage door panelGarage panel doors are replaceable. These panels form part of the whole door, and you can replace them individually. This allows for garage panel door replacement or repairs, to be done to only a small portion of the door instead of replacing the whole door.

Basic Do-It-Yourself

When a garage door gets bumped or a car crashes on the door, there are usually only a few panels that get broken and need replacement. Replacing a panel is easier than replacing the whole door. The first step in replacing the broken panel is to unplug the garage door.

This ensures that it will not move or be activated by mistake. After that, loosen the main spring. This requires some care as it can be dangerous. Use several 2 x 4 wood scraps as a prop. Lower the garage door to rest on the prop, leaving a gap of 3–4 inches off the ground.

This will allow for the easy removal of the lower panel. Use vice clamps on the tracks to keep the door in place before removing the 2 x 4 props.

Remove and Replace

With the door in place, use a ratcheting nut driver to loosen the bolts which hold the bottom panel. Place a 2 x 4 prop along the edge of the bottom door. This will allow the removal of the bottom panel. Replace the bottom panel and use the brackets and hinges to drill new holes.

Once you attach the brackets, drill holes to mount the handle. Once you have replaced the panels, raise the garage door, and re-connect the tension springs, as well as the garage door opener.

The tricky part is moving the 2 x 4 prop from under the door, and then replacing it again, before lowering the panels which need replacement. This portion of the work would require the most time and effort.