Your Hiring Guide: Choosing a Receptionist

Picture of two receptionists at workWhether you are a dentist or an attorney running a practice, you need someone who will represent your brand in a positive manner. You need a professional who can initially accommodate your clients and suppliers. You need a receptionist.

Receptionists do more than what is stated above, though. They serve as your brand ambassador, knowing that they are on the front line. With all these responsibilities, it is important that you have considerations and standards when you hire one.

If you do not know where to start, the pointers below will help you out. These pieces of advice come from one of the leading recruitment agencies in London, which can also help you in your search.

Look for confidence

If the candidate seems nervous and timid, you might want to think deeply about hiring them. A confident receptionist is a good company representative, as they do not find it taxing to talk to the clients and supplier. Confidence is a vibe that you can easily gauge when you are interviewing candidates. Focus on their voice, poise, and body language.

Look for warmth

Confidence should not only be your factor in hiring. You need to gauge the candidate’s interpersonal communication skills. Remember that receptionists talk to people on-site and online. As such, they have to be warm and accommodating.

Look for technical skill set

Good receptionists can work under pressure and know their way around the office. You should look for a candidate that has great administrative skills — someone who is knowledgeable in office management suite, coordination, and Human Resources tasks (as some receptionists also work for the HR department).

These are just some of the things to keep in mind when choosing a receptionist. To increase your chances of hiring the right one, work with a reliable recruitment team.