Working with a Virtual Office for Better Company Projection

someone using a computerMost people are now online for most of their working hours. In terms of office trends, flextime has been superseded by work from home employees. Various studies have shown that working in an office can be more productive than working from home. It is possible to use a virtual office franchise working space to create a sense of order and uniformity during the day.

Work From Home and A Virtual Office

Working from home does not necessarily mean that the person is a freelancer. A lot of office jobs right now have an option for working from home. At the same time, entrepreneurs do not necessarily work from home, and they may opt to work in a virtual office.

A virtual office is based on software which keeps track of time, provides office functionality to the employee, and can be installed for office filing, project management and messaging. Employees and companies who use a virtual office setup may also work in a co-working space, a coffee shop or any other electronic cottage.

Work from home workers may work at any time, following company rules for flextime. On the other hand, virtual office users follow more regular, structured work hours which coincide with regular office hours.


Co-working started out with office spaces and use of common areas like conference rooms, and facilities like a fax machine, broadband, pantry and secretaries. Nowadays, co-working spaces look more like coffee houses, with the offer of unlimited coffee, as well as free wifi and office equipment.

The virtual office offers more appeal, structure and the perception of stability. There is an office address, and clerical staff, along with mailing and secretariat. This projects an image that the company is serious. There is a human receptionist to receive and forward your calls. This is an important consideration when companies do business, as most people do not react well when their call is routed to an answering machine.