Work and Play: The Coolest, High-Tech Offices

Work PlaceThere are offices that literally make you want to go to work. Why? Because not only are they aesthetically good, they’re technologically advanced, too — just like the ones below. 

  1. Outbrain

Apart from the Cisco sfp-10g-sr price certified gadgets, this Silicon Valley office has quite a relaxed ambience. The walls have graffiti and comic-like murals. There are chessboards available to play with, and there are lounges one can relax in — making it perfect for both work and play.

  1. Google

Google has almost all the answers you need — and it’s not hard to see what keeps its employee’s inspired. The Google Office is in various colors and themes: the playful area with the Google name in slide-like figures; the dim, cozy blue reading area with that moose sculpture on the wall; bean bags, couches, playful lights, and colorful eating areas — this office surely is a great place to be in.

  1. Foursquare

Located on the 10th floor of an airy SoHo loft, Foursquare’s office is filled with light — literally and figuratively. With windows showing the city of Manhattan, employees have benches instead of the boring office chairs. There are meeting rooms in different colors and designs — cameras for Photogenic, yellow wallpapers for Swarm, and the like. There are also ping-pong tables and large bingo casino chips — just for fun.

  1. Acuity

Boasting of the tallest flagpole in the United States, and their famous rock-climbing wall, Acuity is perfect for the adventurous — yet resourceful and industrious at heart. A Ferris wheel is around for those who need to relax, and the cafeteria is a designed like a party’s always ongoing.

  1. Autodesk

With views if the Silicon Valley, Autodesk has interesting installations on the ceilings, roomy conference rooms, a lounge area, and a green, grassy, relaxation area — where naps are actually allowed so employees could recharge.

Work does not always come easy — and that’s why it is important to make sure that your office has all the right technological advancements, together with great aesthetics — so you’d get to work and play, at the same time.