The Wonders of CEREC 3D Technology

With local dental clinics such as Apple Dental using CEREC 3D technology in cosmetic dentistry, it’s possible to produce tooth-coloured and attractive ceramic tooth reconstructions in a single session.

cosmetic dentistry

CEREC 3D technology provides two main benefits:

Computer-Supported Inlays

With the technology, local dentists may produce an inlay in a single session, allowing the patient to go home with an aesthetically pleasing ceramic inlay.

The technology eliminates the need to use temporary structures and to visit the dental clinic for a second appointment, along with the need for further injections.

Simpler Procedures

The technology allows minimally invasive preparations. As a result, both the dentist and the patient may avoid a deeply invasive tooth crowing procedure.

Using the special CEREC camera, local dentists photograph the prepared tooth. The CEREC computer then processes the image data and transfers them to the inlay, which the machine then cuts from a ceramic block within a few minutes.

The computer controlled CEREC 3D cutting machine works with a precision that allows it to produce inlays that the dentist may fit immediately.

Modern computer technology such as CEREC 3D is extremely gentle to the tooth substance, making certain dental procedures a pleasant experience for the patients. For a pleasant dental experience, contact dentists in Lane Cove and ask them if they provide the service.