With the Rainy Season Underway, Kiwis looks up to Spouts and Gutters to protect their Basement

Old Basement in New ZealandFor countries like New Zealand, where the rainy season is accurately spread throughout the year, the weatherproofing in homes is a top priority.

For this reason, Kiwis focus on their roof spouting repairs to make sure that no problem associated with the wet season finds their way inside.

But, in most cases, repairs rarely make it on time.

A Submerged Basement

Leaks due to dilapidated spouts and clogged gutters can affect a home in many ways from a simple wet ceiling in the attic to a deeply submerged basement. How engulfed the basement will depend on the severity of the weather condition. But, the general scenario is that leaks coming from the roofing always run straight down; and accumulated water causes more than just one problem.

Whether a household suffers from a flooded basement space or not, issues such as mould infestation and electrical shocks can occur where humidity and water deposit is present. Therefore, to ensure that none of these issues penetrates your home, it’s a great move to execute personal countermeasures beforehand.

Literal Relocation of Water

The best way to not experience any leakages is to move the water away from your home. You can do this by simply extending the rain gutter and spout away from the vicinity of the house itself. But, of course, the roofing should be in good condition for this to work as a damaged roofing will not be able to filter and hold the water effectively — thus, leaving the water to stagnate and cause a plethora of problems.

Specific Actions to Take

When transferring the path of gutters and spouts isn’t helping, you can do the following next:

  1. Slant and angle all yard and roofing surface away from the house
  2. Clear gutters and spouts to remove blockages
  3. Install a sump pump and a backup sump pump to enable a better water flow

Whenever there’s a potential cause for a leak, there should be an immediate action because once the rain starts falling, the repairs will be difficult to execute.