Why You’re Wrong about the Middle Floor

Middle FloorWhen it comes to apartment hunting in Australia, everyone is eager to live in either the top or the bottom floor. The winning qualities of penthouses and ground-level units are simply hard to resist: The former offers maximum privacy and peacefulness, including the pleasure of waking up in the breath-taking cityscape of Bris Vegas; the latter, on the other hand, offers sheer convenience of accessibility of the street, as well as the ease of carrying groceries to your place with little trouble.

No one, however, seems to bother about the apartments in the middle. True enough, they don’t always give a pleasant view of the urban landscape, nor keep your blood pressure low whenever the elevator is down—but no building floor is perfect. If you see the beauty of living in a mid-level unit, then you’re most likely guilty of thinking:

Its Price Is No Different

You’re dead wrong on this one. The middle apartments for sale in Brisbane are usually the most affordable, primarily because only a few wants them. Everybody wants to either live high or lie low, overlooking the units in between. As the majority of living spaces in most buildings consist of mid-level apartments, the law of supply and demand, in effect, pulls down the prices.

It Has the Worst of Both Worlds

Top- and bottom-floor units sure have sought-after advantages, but they do have drawbacks. Penthouses are subject to seasonal breaks in cooling and heating costs, while ground-level apartments are susceptible to outdoor noises. Their benefits may be great, but so do their downsides.

You may experience a little bit of everything—good and bad—but that’s about it. No extremes, just right.

The best floor to live in an apartment building is relative. It ultimately depends on your budget constraints and preferences, but never count out the middle units.

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