Why You Still Have a Large Belly Even with Diet and Exercise

a woman pinching her belly fatSome people who strictly follow their diet and exercise routine might still have excess fat in their bellies if they’re unaware of certain factors.

If you live in Utah, a custom MD diet from a Salt Lake City health clinic like MD Diet Weight Loss and Nutrition, LLC could be a good solution for a flat tummy. While there are other factors affecting your belly’s shape, it doesn’t mean that you should neglect healthy eating habits.

Genetics and Hormones

There’s a saying that the apple doesn’t fall from the tree, and this could be true when it comes to your physique. You’re likely to be predisposed to having the same belly compared with your parents. It might not necessarily mean that you’ll be in that shape as you get older since hormones also influence the storage of fat in your stomach.

Since women are more prone to hormonal imbalance particularly during menopause, it’s important to keep stress at bay as this also causes excess fat. A slower metabolism could also be the culprit of not losing weight around the stomach area, hence consult a doctor to rule out problems with your endocrine system such as thyroid disease.

Weight Loss Tests

Those who are feeling adventurous should sign up for a clinical study of avocados’ link to weight loss. Researchers from four universities will pay 1,000 participants to eat avocados every day within a six-month period.

The study will aim to find out whether or not eating one avocado daily helps in fat reduction around the tummy, which seems peculiar since it contains the highest level of fat among other fruits. Interested participants should be at least 25 years and have a waistline between 35 and 40 inches.

Proper diet and exercise remain important for a fit body but think about making some changes to your nutritional intake if you still don’t notice any changes to your tummy.