Why the Most Healthy Vegies are Bad Tasting

Vegetable Eating in St PetersVegetable haters are everywhere and there’s no question to that. Vegetables’ bitter attributes are hardly likeable, but creative minds have come up with many techniques that are known to make them taste better. Humanity can now avail all the goodness these green leafy plants has to offer. But what do really make them bitter anyway?


What seems ironic is that most of the healthiest vegetables are the bitter ones. It usually tops everyone’s hate list of vegetables. To name some, kale, spinach, broccoli, Brussel sprouts and spinach are just a few. Well, the culprit is the antioxidants present in them.

These antioxidant-rich vegetables are the ones responsible for hyping up your immune system and powering it up to stabilise disease-causing free radicals that are increased when a person is stressed. Which is common to most of the working class.

Antioxidants come in different forms of phytochemicals. Thousands of phytochemicals present in various fruits and vegetables executes the antioxidant property of your most hated vegetables. Consume right amount of these greens and you’ll have better and natural protection against heart disease, cancer, neurodegeneration and type 2 diabetes, says an expert from Simongeorge.com.au.

Masking the Bitter Taste

Given the offered benefits of eating vegetables, the gravity of the need to eat them is getting heavy. Fortunately for the 70% of the population who has the bitter receptive genes, there are three tested techniques to make bitter-tasting vegetables taste better.

First, blanching vegetable before incorporating them into your meal can help leech off some of the bitter compounds. Although, this step might leech off the antioxidant goodness in your veggies as well. Second, adding another strong-flavored ingredient like salty, sweet or spice will give it a contrasting taste. Third, using an acid like vinegar or citrus may lighten up the bitter flavour while making the whole dish come together is a win-win solution.

Now, take little baby steps in your attempt to harness these veggies benefits. You can start by finding the freshest fruit and veg suppliers nearby.