Why Shared Server is More Popular than a Dedicated One

ServerThere are some things you have to think about when deciding between shared server and dedicated server for your business.

The most common reason people end up choosing dedicated servers are because of the recommendation of the developers. Sometimes software developers, unsure of the resources needed and wanting to save the hassle of migrating to a new server, simply coax people into taking a huge configuration from a dedicated server. The less experienced a developer, the less the statistics are shown to the customer. So ensure that you ask for a trial run on the existing server size before blindly paying for a bigger server.

Warped client estimates can also lead to over spending on the servers. The best way to proceed is by having the client send a clear estimate and check calculations to ensure the predictions and figures brought out in the estimate are right. In case of under-estimation, discussions are necessary with empirical data, showing why you need a bigger server.

Over ambition is also a reason for choosing the wrong server. When starting off as a small business owner, don’t do things king size, this simply increases expenditure and it becomes hard to break even when launching things newly. Everyone has ambitions, but choosing a shared server and cutting the expenses to see how things go before choosing a dedicated server is the smart way to function.

Not keen to troubleshoot is another reason people give for not using a dedicated server. They end up not getting to the root of the issue; rather think that hiking up the hardware or using a dedicated server would automatically fix things is a wrong assumption that ends up costing many people in the long run. SQL server troubleshooting is a knowledge that is very valuable.

Don’t expect the web hosting solutions to be less expensive and of high quality at the same time, set realistic expectations and targets, and focus on the right solutions.