Why Render is Better Than Just Cement

Man applying cement on wallHave you noticed that a building applied with render looks more pleasing to the eye than one that is covered only by just cement? The difference lies in the simple structural mechanics of the materials used to cover the buildings’ walls.

Before you begin asking render specialists in Basildon about what rendering can do, it is important to know more about the process and its benefits.

Rendering is a coating process where plaster is applied to interior and exterior walls. The most common types of material used in rendering are polymer, lime, acrylic and pebbledash. After the render is applied, which can be done in several layers, walls can be painted or texturized. Cement is commonly used as a rendering agent to cover or smoothen walls, but it is not as effective in protecting, strengthening and improving the appearance of walls.

Protects Walls

During the course of its life, a wall loses its material and structural integrity due to use and environmental wear-and-tear. This deterioration is even more obvious if walls are only covered by cement and then paint or any colouring agent. Render is almost non-porous, compared to cement, so rain and wind cannot easily break down the material.

Strengthens Walls

Since walls are now protected from the elements, render can help strengthen the walls. Cracks are avoided, much less the weakening of the wall, wherein evidence of crumbling cement can be seen. Cement is not as cohesive as rendering; therefore, a rendered wall looks and feels smoother.

Improves Home Value

With the smoother effect, rendering enhances the value of your home or building. The improved aesthetic appeal not only makes occupants and passers-by appreciate the cleaner and neater look. Better home appraisal values are also an automatic effect of rendered walls.

Having your home’s walls rendered contributes to a stronger and more appealing building. Cement is not enough to achieve better walls. Rendering is an obvious choice, even making buildings significantly more valuable.