While You’re Gone: Keep Your Home Safe While You’re on Vacation

HouseThieves and burglars see vacations and holidays as the perfect opportunity to target empty houses. This is why it is important to prepare your property adequately to make sure it stays protected. Taking necessary precautions will save you from irritating worry that prevents you from enjoying your vacation.

Advanced Lock & Key shares a few ways to keep your home safe on holidays.

Lock Doors and Windows

While locking up doors and windows seems so obvious, it is easy to forget. If you keep some windows unlocked to allow easy pet access, you are also inviting thieves to your home. Locking your home makes it less attractive to opportunistic thieves. Just make sure to invest in quality locks and deadbolts, as they can withstand twisting, prying and turning. Have a neighbour or a pet service take care of your little friend while you’re away.

Open Your Curtains

When you leave for vacation, you may think that it is best to close your curtain to keep people from peering inside your homes. Closed curtain or blinds, however, can also stop those who want to help such as friends, neighbours and police. It is best to leave curtains exactly as you normally keep them when you’re at home. Noticeable changes could also hint that you are not around.

Don’t Leave Lights On

Many vacationers leave the lights on throughout their vacation to make it look like someone is in the house. Don’t do this, as your electric bill will increase and lights shining throughout the day might seem strange. Purchase a light switch with a timer that can turn lights on and off automatically based on a programmed schedule. Burglars wanting to target your home will assume that someone is flipping the lights on and off.

Invest in Sturdy Doors

Entry doors and frames should be made of sturdy materials like solid hardwood. They should also be thick enough and fit the frame securely. Keep in mind that a strong lock will not deter burglars if it is installed in a weak door. It is also important to make sure that secondary entrances such as garage doors and back doors are strong and secured with quality locks.

Apart from these tips, you can also keep your home protected by asking a friend or a neighbour to keep an eye on your property. You can also hire a house sitter to keep your home safe and take care of your pets.

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