Where It Counts, Use Counters

CounterWhen you’re serious about growing your business, you need to do more than just plan. You need to count. Planning without concrete data is like navigating a dark cave without the benefit of a lamp. One way or the other, you lose.

Sensing Direction

You don’t have to be in the software business to know that business in general is never a simple exercise. For one, establishing a brand patronage takes time. A mall owner, for instance, must figure out how to entice the crowd to gather, and to gather some more.  With stiff competition, it could be a hit and miss exercise.

Even more troubling is the fact that market demands are changing all the time. Where malls were on the rise all over America decades ago, a shadow of doom seem to have been cast over them these days, according to Business Insider.

Therefore, being able to be one-step ahead of the competition is vital to one’s success – if not survival. Though the exercise seems daunting, learning to focus your attention on key drivers of your business is a good start. In this regard, counting can be of immense help.

Where Counting Matters Most

For a mall owner, knowing what time of day people shop most could be telling. That data could allow him to devise ways and means to replicate the success.

In such a setting, door counters would be a huge lift. As it shows him traffic of people in a particular hour, in a particular day, patterns are easier to establish.

Because of the accurate business analytics such a device gives, business planning takes a more definitive shape. In effect, such a retail traffic intelligence management system provides a great operational enhancement.

Further, data from door counters help reinforce the validity of a marketing campaign. Being able to put numbers on people’s behavior, on their going-ins and the coming-outs, is a step closer to knowing what makes them tick.

Where data-less planning may fail, data driven thinking gives you badly needed competitive edge. As long as you make good use of counters and put your focus on counting where it matters most.