When Too Much Work Stress Becomes a Personal Injury

Stressed Office WorkerIn the world of suits and ties, depression caused by work is often overlooked and misconstrued as merely drama. The truth is everyone has the tendency to reach the peak of stress tolerance and can fall into the dark abyss of depression.

Stress is subjective. The workplace can be a source of stress due to the nature of the job and due to poor organisation or unreasonable demands. Either way, chronic stress is unhealthy and can escalate to depression and in some cases, death.

Work Stress is Tantamount to Injury

In 2013, a survey on workplace stress conducted by Australian Psychological Society says three out of four Australians claims that work stress is affecting their health. This affects the individual performance and productivity of employees and, in turn, affects the whole organisation.

This is the reason bills have been passed regarding Health and Safety in Employment Act. Occupational safety and health should be taken seriously. In many reports, job stress increases the likelihood of developing hypertension, heart attack and other fatal illnesses. Separovic Injury Lawyers, a plaintiff injury law firm in Perth, confirms that workers can be compensated for this claim.

Nalder and Biddle Case

There are cases in the past when stress-related work has been presented in court and compensation was given to the plaintiff. The worst case scenario is when a Nelson engineering firm in New Zealand, Nalder and Biddle has been fined $8000 in 2005. One of its long time female employees claimed that the demands of her job caused her chest pains and depression. The plaintiff argued that the defendant failed to ensure the safety and health of their employees and as a result, the Nelson District Court went for a guilty verdict.

Work stress is not light talk. Asking the right legal advisor can clarify if a case can be a lawsuit. The workforce is still the most valuable capital of any organisation and thus, the latter must work to provide stress-free environment.

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  1. There’s so much stressful work out there that needs to be compensated if employees just speak up. Unfortunately, big companies can easily traverse lawsuits filed by individuals.

  2. Yup. There are criteria for qualifying workplace stress complaint. If there is sufficient proof, then you can win your case. But it takes looooong hard work and a very smart lawyer.

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