What’s Employee Brownout and Other Reasons Employees Leave

Employees Leave Are you wondering why some of your best employees leave their jobs? Some managers fail to see this coming and find the resignation letter on their desks, completely surprised at the turn of events. An employee may have already disengaged with their work over the past few months. This concept refers to brownout; much like a fading star, first-rate staffers lose their passion for their jobs slowly.

How does brownout happen?

Employees begin to lose interest in their jobs because of micromanagement, says Human Outsource. The best staff members don’t want someone looking over their shoulders all the time. They need a degree of latitude to do their tasks, tight rules and red tape suffocates them and may lead to them disengaging.

If your best workers see that you tolerate poor performance, they might lose confidence in your leadership because you don’t value performance. As the cliché goes, you’ll only be as strong or you’ll only go as far as the weakest link can take you. Tolerating bad team players also affect the productivity of your best ones.

Lack of recognition plays a big part in why some employees stay or leave. The best workers want their accomplishments recognised. The power of a pat on the shoulders or back, a plaque or certificate is easy to underestimate. These small things, however, go a long way in showing that you care about hard work and top-notch performance.

How can you keep your best staff engaged and passionate about their jobs?

Hard working employees are passionate about everything, even the things they do outside their jobs. Allow them to pursue side projects and hobbies, this shows them that you are not micromanaging them. Keep staff interested in their work by providing them with opportunities to move up in the organisation.

The success and expansion of your business lies in its people, excellent employees keep your company competitive and innovative. Know what makes them happy and reduce the possibility of them disengaging.