What You Should Know About Home Water Testing

Home Water TestingThanks to technology, people can now ensure that their drinking water is safe for consumption. A variety of water processing equipment is available even for home water testing.

Contaminants in water are a huge concern for the safety and health of living things. Worldwide, approximately 3.1 percent of deaths are caused by improper water hygiene and sanitation. Even in developed countries like France, water testing revealed that many people are consuming water that does not meet WHO standards.

Water testing is important because it concerns the health of you and your family. Aside from avoiding possible health threats, less serious issues concerning taste, odor, and color are reasons you may need to test your water at home.

Signs Your Water Needs Testing

Where does the water flowing from your tap come from? Whether your source is a public water system or a private water supply, you may be in situations where your water needs to be tested. If you suspect lead in the water supply lines, you may have your water tested to confirm that it does not contain unsafe amounts of lead. If you are planning to have a home treatment unit, you must first know what’s in your water before buying the equipment you need.

For private water supplies, a rule of thumb is to test once a year for nitrates, pH level, total dissolved solids, and coliform bacteria. This is required especially if your well is new, or pipes and pumps have been replaced. If you observe an unpleasant color or taste in your water, you must test for iron, sulfate, manganese, and chloride content. If a chemical leak occurred near your well, test for volatile organic compounds. Lastly, if someone in your house is pregnant, a nitrate test may be required.

Where to Test Your Water

Certified laboratories offer solutions in the form of contaminant tests. You may also consult the health department in your area. For a safe water experience, make sure that the water processing equipment used by your community supply or private well conforms to standards.