What You Need to Know About the Future of Flight

Innovative AircraftIt is an exciting time in aviation. Engineers, manufacturers, and airlines are developing innovative aircraft today. A decade or so from now, you could book a seat on airplanes that soar through the skies faster and quieter. You could even fly on planes that run on electricity, which means your ticket could cost less! What is more exciting than cheap airfare?

From Vision to Reality

The engineers at NASA are testing scale models of Boeing blended wing body, which looks like a triangle and designed to run quieter, greener and faster. NASA is using a method to determine the airflow that goes into the engine; airflow affects engine performance, according to the engineers. The blended wing body is still at the concept stage.

It sounds like it has a long way to go, but the idea of fuel efficiency may accelerate this vision to reality. Both Boeing and Airbus are currently cutting fuel use by 5% with better aerodynamics. They’ve also rolled out aircraft made of composite materials as opposed to metal.

Flying High — and Safe

Naturally, the technology behind every airplane concept requires testing and more testing before embarking on commercial flights. A blended wing body might look cool in the sky, but if it has a flaw, it could lead to a disaster. Even the smallest but defective component could create problems for the plane’s efficiency. It could more significantly, affect its safe flight, too.

The aviation industry does use a number of methods to test the reliability of airplanes. Qualmark.com shares that manufacturers and even defense agencies use HALT, or Highly Accelerated Life Test and HASS, or Highly Accelerated Stress Screen. The testing methods determine the integrity of avionic components, which include communications, radar equipment, and pilot vision.

From fast airplanes to electric-powered jets, these are just some of the thrilling innovations in aviation today. You may experience them — and more, in your lifetime. The best part about all of this development is that you could potentially also pay for cheaper airfare.