What are the Most Common On-Page Ranking Issues?

On-Page Ranking in BrisbaneWebsite owners focus on things like building their social media presence, earning high quality backlinks and managing their online reputation. While these definitely help, you need to make sure you pay attention to your website’s on-site factors as well.

Most search engine optimisation companies in Brisbane will tell you that getting these right should be your first priority. How many of these issues are you struggling with?

1. Duplicate or thin content – Was your website’s content written by a professional writer? Is it meaningful, concise and relevant to the user’s interests? Most importantly, are there any duplicate content issues? Content is easily the biggest determining factor in any website’s SEO.

2. Bad title tags – Arguably the second most important on-page element, your title tags have a huge impact on rankings and clickthrough rates. Make sure they are concise and look natural, yet contain all of the important keywords for that page. Relevance is king; people should immediately identify what the page is about just from the title.

3. Lack of security – Web security is an important factor in SEO, especially for e-commerce websites. In particular, websites with SSL certificates receive a minor ranking boost compared to their competitors, though migrating is far from simple.

4. Poor user experience – Not only does a poor user experience hurt your reputation and conversion rates, it also directly affects your SEO. According to Bambrickmedia.com.au, a high bounce rate, for instance, is one of the biggest roadblocks to ranking well.

5. Unoptimised URLs – This is an underrated on-page factor, but your page URLs have a significant impact on rankings. Make sure they contain your keywords, and are properly sorted into a natural hierarchy.

Once you have taken care of these basic on-site SEO roadblocks, you will have a solid foundation to work with. The rest of your campaign should go much easier.