What a Tangled Web: The Horrors of Hollywood’s Worst Divorces

Celebrity Divorces in Los AngelesThey often have fairytale weddings—but the results are not always great. Some celebrity divorces just make you gasp—in horror—and you’ll find some of them here!

  1. Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin

Cases like Kim and Alec’s really need the help of divorce attorneys in Los Angeles or anywhere else. You see, they used to be good together—until such time that Alec’s temper tantrums and Kim’s anxiety problems got the best of them. Who could ever forget Alec calling her daughter a “rude, thoughtless pig”? While they are all in good terms now, this one’s truly one for the books.

  1. Madonna and Sean Penn

Nicknamed the Poison Penns by the press, these two had a sweet beginning—but it all turned dark and literally deadly. Not wanting to let Madonna go, Penn held her hostage, tied her up, and beat her—while sexually assaulting her for 9 hours until Madonna found a way to escape. The two have managed to become friends decades later, but this incident will always be remembered by many.

  1. Heidi Klum and Seal

These two seemed to be on top of the world—with their beautiful kids, and those affluent wedding renewals. Then one day, the world was shocked when they announced their divorce. It’s said that it stemmed from Seal’s temper issues—and then he said it was because “Heidi was fornicating with the help”. Yikes! This started a downward spiral in their relationship—and nothing was ever the same.

  1. Liza Minelli and David Gest

She gave him what?! Well, according to David Gest, his ex-wife gave him herpes, but Liza said that it was Gest who gave her the disease, was poisoning her with drugs, and said he made her fear for her life. It was a classic case of he said, she said—only in the most bitter, brutal sense!

Divorces are never fun, but while some are done in peace, others are just completely nasty—and these are the best, or rather, worst examples!