Ways Parents can Avoid Giving Their Children the Wrong Medication

MedicinesMedicines are meant to cure ailments and treat diseases. But if the wrong drug or dosage is given, it can put an individual at risk, especially children. Prescriptions, which must be provided by professionals only, are important as they state how much and how often a patient should take the specified medicine.

The agents from Life Relay Health Care Solutions Inc. agree that getting the exact drug and dosage is imperative to maximize the product’s effects and guarantee the kids’ safety. As children depend on adults for the medicines they’ll take, it’s the responsibility of the parents to give the right and safe doses.

Read the Package Insert

To avoid giving your kids the wrong medication, you should read through the package insert. This is the piece of paper placed inside the carton. Package inserts mostly have thorough and ample information about the medicine that concerns its dosage. It’s necessary to follow the provided recommendations.

Don’t Give the Same Meds as Yours

Don’t assume that the dosage you take of a particular medicine is the same that of your children. The correct dose usually depends on their weight and age. Check the kid’s weight twice for accuracy and the amount of medicine more than twice to ensure you’re giving the appropriate dosage.

Use the Measuring Cup and Dropper

It’s not that difficult to get the right measurement of drug dosage as most medicines for children are in liquid form. These products typically have measuring cups or droppers that indicate the amount in milliliters. If you don’t have these items, check the insert for its equivalent measure in tea or tablespoon.

Stick to the Schedule

More than the right dosage, you should also give medicines on the right time and quantity per day. It’s advisable to write the schedule on sticky paper you can post up on the fridge or set an alarm on your watch or mobile devices. This is important if you’re not yet habituated to giving the medicine to your children.

There are more dos and don’ts for giving children medications than for giving meds to adults. To ensure you’re not committing mistakes and putting their health at risk, it’s always wise to consult your doctor.

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