Water Damage: #1 Reason to Get Plumbing Problems Fixed ASAP

PlPlumbing Problems in San Diego Water damage is one of the most expensive types of property damage a homeowner can ever face. Although some causes are uncontrollable, such as harsh weather, many are actually a result of human negligence.

So before you disregard the importance of maintaining your plumbing system, Perry Plumbing Heating & Air suggests some of the most important facts about them and the kind of problems they can cause.

Faulty Plumbing: A Primary Cause of Water Damage

Although many factors can contribute to water damage, faulty plumbing is one of the most common. Just a single burst pipe left unfixed for a couple of hours can already cause thousands of dollars in water damaged properties. Worst, the water may contain disease-causing microorganisms, especially if it has something to do with clogged drainages and sewer lines.

Contributors to Problems in the Plumbing System

Torrential rains, hurricanes, and heavy snowing can all cause water damage. Those caused by faulty plumbing systems, on the other hand, include leaky dishwashers, severed water hoses, blockages in pipes and drainages, backed-up toilets, as well as cracked or broken pipes.

Water Damage and Mold Exposure

Water damage creates other serious problems that affect more than just your property; it also makes your home far more susceptible to mold growth and development. Molds can thrive and spread really fast, and exposure to these microorganisms put your health at risk. They can also eat away at anything, including the hardest, sturdiest components of your home’s foundation. This alone already puts your safety at risk.

Correct Plumbing Maintenance: Key to Preventing Water Damage

It makes more sense to prevent water damage than worry about fixing it. Since the plumbing is one of its leading causes, you should have problems with it corrected by a professional right away. Call a plumbing specialist in San Diego as soon as you notice problems basic homeowner troubleshooting or quick fixes will not resolve.