War of Teeth Replacement: Dentures vs. Implants

Dental Implant ServiceWhen you have lost all your teeth, you have the option to choose dentures or dental implants. Both of these can help you smile with confidence again, with the benefit of eating and speaking comfortably. It is important, however, to learn more about their pros and cons to find out which one is right for you.

Dentures and full-mouth implants differ both in comfort and in reliability. Unlike crowns and bridges, they offer a much longer solution to tooth loss, which can be helpful in boosting your self-confidence and improving your quality of life.

Issues with Dentures

Dentures can replace all your missing teeth, but they need to be removed for cleaning. This is necessary to avoid infections and diseases. The problem with dentures, however, is that there is always the risk of falling out, cracking or breaking. Ill-fitting dentures can be uncomfortable and cause chewing difficulties. The only advantage of dentures over implants is that they are more affordable.

Benefits of Implants

The main advantage of dental implants over dentures is that that they look and function like the real thing. Edinburgh Dental Specialists and other teeth implant centres in Edinburgh notes that they can likewise help you retain a natural chewing capacity and preserve your bone better. Implants can replace some of the tooth roots, which is not possible with conventional dentures. They can preserve your smile and prevent premature aging, as well.

Dentures vs. Implants

Implants integrate with the jawbone to help the bone stay healthy. They are easier to maintain and clean, and do not need to be removed. Dentures, on the other hand, will make it more difficult for you to eat certain foods. Loss of bone or recession of jawbone is associated with conventional dentures, as they cannot replace tooth roots and preserve bone.

For a tooth replacement solution that looks and functions like natural teeth, choose dental implants. They offer a stable and secure replacement with an artificial tooth root the fuses with the bone. Implants may cost a lot more initially, but they last longer and feel like a natural part of the mouth.