WAF Automation: Bringing Numerous Benefits to Business Owners

Wide-Area Workflow (WAWF) can be described as a web based system, which allows companies to send invoices, get paid and accept all modes of payment electronically over secure lines. WAWF was set up for vendors who conduct businesses with the government to submit invoices and track documentation. They can also receive payments using Internet technology, creating paperless offices.

Understanding the System

The Wide-Area Workflow system has to be used by companies that do business transactions with government agencies. In fact, it is mandatory for contractors to use this system to send invoices and receive payments.

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  • A Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code is issued to DOD and NASA contractors. Potential and current contractors have to get this code before they can receive any contracts.
  • WAWF is a program that allows people to create documents like invoices, receiving reports and invoices, cost vouchers and other paperwork.
  • Once a vendor’s system meets operational requirements, they can register for different roles like Vendor, Vendor View Only or Group Administrator. Users can have a number of roles.
  • Vendors have to decide how many people will be using the system. If more than one person will be accessing the system, at least one General Administrator should be appointed to manage and activate users.
  • Registration is easy. Go to the webpage and pick the “registration link.” After selecting the login method, the next step is to choose one’s role – Vendor. Fill in and edit User profiles. Get User Authentication information and fill in security questions, which will be used to verify user identity. Add vendor roles and administrator roles, if needed. Make sure to read and accept the system user agreement. Once the account has been activated, users will be notified.

Some of the major benefits offered by this program are great cash flow management, secure documentation, reduced operating costs, accessibility to documents from anywhere in the world, auditing capability and free access to a web-based system.

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