Types and Functions of Different Bulldozers Used in Construction

a bulldozer mowing the land In times past, bulldozers primarily functioned as tractors for farmers to use in landscaping and ploughing. Over the years, these heavy machines have undergone different modifications to suit them for a range of mining and engineering projects.

They are now among the essential machines in the construction industry. The equipment you hire can affect the success of your project. There is a broad range of dozer options for you to choose from. The ideal choice for your construction depends on the site’s terrain and soil composition.

With the right choice of a dozer, you will have higher productivity and fuel savings and, reduced wear and tear of the dozer’s parts. Here are the bulldozer types that might suit your construction needs.

Mini Dozer

This is a small dozer designed for optimum transportability, versatility, manoeuvrability and speed. Mini dozers are usually used for residential construction. They grade and clear lots, slope the sides of roads and driveways and will also prove beneficial for backfilling.

Crawler Dozer

This closely resembles a tractor but has tracks rather than tires. It is useful for pushing sand and heavy materials on a construction site. Crawler bulldozers come in different sizes.

Large crawlers have rippers on their rear ends and are generally used for crushing hard grounds and working on irregular terrain. They also have a front plate for removing sand and heavy objects.

Wheeled Dozer

This is larger compared with a crawler. It is generally used for large constructions, including stadiums and parks, owing to its heavy and large tires that boost its efficiency on these sites. A wheeled dozer is also easier to operate compared with other dozer types because of its fully articulated hydraulic steering.

The above dozers will make a significant difference in the completion time and cost of your project. Due diligence is hence essential when picking one. There are also different bulldozer blades available, so discuss with an expert before choosing to ensure you select the best one for your construction.