Turn Trash into Cash: Sell Your Broken Laptops

Electronic devices contain toxic materials such as mercury and lead. These materials not only harm the environment, but also every system in the human body. According to research, cast off electronic devices constitute 2 to 5 percent of the solid waste stream across America. For this reason, many states have now implemented electronic recycling laws that prohibit people from throwing devices in the trash.


If your laptop is broken, you have the option to sell it online instead of throwing it away. Apart from countering the problems, you also get to earn money. You can sell your old laptop on sites like eBay, Craigslist, or Cash for Laptops.

Keep in mind that technology depreciates quickly, so if you choose to recycle, work with refurbishing companies that can either give you the prevailing market value or an even bigger amount.

Below are some other reasons to sell your laptop for cash:

Room for New Gadgets

Before you head out to buy new tech toys, gather up your old gadgets and try your hand at selling. This way, you can add a little cash to your money box.

Simple Transactions

Selling your old laptop for cash to the right dealer has additional benefits. Most online recycling companies providean immediate quote for your device and even pay the packaging and shipping costs.

Appreciate the hidden value of your old laptop. Turn it into cash and contribute to making a greener world.