Trend Throwback: Why Rugged Boots are Back in Fashion

hippie woman wearing bootsIf there were a defining trait of hipster fashion, it would be the boots. Between chunky, rugged ones to sleek, but tattered leather options, these boots are making a statement even years after the height of their popularity.

Here are a few reasons you should also invest in your own pair.

Incredible value for an iconic look

There’s a reason vintage and retro looks come around–they have been favored not just as a trend, but as a statement. Hipster boots fall into this category, which is also why it has seen comebacks in recent trend.

The comfort of rugged boots are often priced at an incredible value; you don’t have to feel bad about looking good.

Polished look with ankle boots

A lot of the hipster boots on trend are ankle boots — and if there is any reason to adore hipster fashion, it would be how sleek footwear, particularly for men, have become. Up there with flannel, a casual blazer, and a good man bag, stylish boots are a favorite go-to style.

The hipster movement was great for one thing — making a lot of guys realize that the nineties sneakers and high-cuts weren’t all the footwear available.

Adorable options for women

The hipster boots movement did not just benefit men. Women are also just as in love with the rage. What’s even better is that, for women, there are many styles to incorporate hipster boots without ending up with a very contrived look.

A simple shirt, sleek pants, and a good pair of ankle boots make a classic chic outfit. Those who prefer a more laid back look can transform the rugged flannel, beanie cap, and tattered consider a more femme fatale feel.

There may be many types of boots that will become fashionable, but for those who want to look good, feel good, and feel even better with a value investment in footwear, hipster boots, will always remain a great and beloved trend.