Transforming a Sea Container into Storage Space

sea containierModern shipping and logistical demands require the use of heavy and durable solutions for moving various products and other items through the world’s seas. Because of this constant movement of goods across the globe, the world is seeing a surplus of containers once used only for freight purposes. People have begun taking note, though, and are starting to realise the potential of these containers for purposes other than shipping.

More people across the globe, those in Perth included, are taking note and starting to use these huge metal boxes for purposes other than what they were originally intended for. Although there is a growing movement to turn these containers into homes and offices, one of the most standard uses for it is storage space. Here are a few tips if you plan to do the same:

Size Matters says sea containers in Perth come in various size configurations, with the most common sizes being 20-feet and 40-feet. These lengths are the most common used in the shipping industry, so it is not surprising that most surplus items come in this size. The former might not seem like much initially, but it is roughly equivalent to the size of a standard one-car garage. It is perfect for a small business that does not require much storage. The 40’ container works if you need double the space.

The Right Setting

Shipping containers are a great and cost effective solution, but only if placed in the proper setting. You need to make sure to set it on level ground to avoid any trouble when opening or closing the doors. This is also important to avoid any difficulties storing or retrieving whatever you keep inside.

Checking for Damage

Although these metal boxes are very durable, it is still best to check for any signs of wear or deterioration regularly. Corrosion can become a problem, especially if you get one that is very old. Always check from the inside during daylight hours because sunlight will always filter through any possible holes.

These are just some of the most important things to remember when converting a shipping container into storage space. Remember that this is an investment you will keep, so make sure all things are well for the long run.

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