Top Questions and Answers To Help You Choose the Right Residential Security Door

Screen Door in QueanbeyanAdding a top-notch security screen is an affordable way to improve home security. You should be meticulous when determining the capability of commercially available screen doors to keep out would-be burglars. Here are some key facts about screen doors to guide you in choosing the best model and make for your home.

Why is flush mounting highly recommended?

Let’s say a security screen is made of the highest quality materials. That is not enough. The door will only achieve its purpose if mounted properly. Otherwise, your home’s vulnerability remains status quo. Tube-frame mounting and flush mounting are two methods of instaling screen doors. Security experts are leaning more towards flush mounting because the overall seal it offers is better. There is no gap between the entry door and the screen, unlike when the mounting is on the tube frame.

What are key considerations for the mesh and grille components?

Woven stainless steel mesh offers high-level protection. Moreover, your view is not as restricted as with grilles with thick cords. The newer option is perforated aluminium sheets—industrial-grade, of course. Ask the supplier about the pros and cons of each product. Remember to inquire about how the mesh component is fixed to the frame. This could be a point of weakness, so choose a secure setup.

Why should you consider an aluminium frame despite the higher price tag?

The frame of a security screen door is constructed using either metal alloy or steel. Aluminium is a popular material. People trust it, even if it is a weaker metal than steel. It is versatile, rust proof, corrosion proof, and relatively lightweight. You can’t go wrong with aluminium frames, but find a model with reinforcements at the corner, and with fully welded corner joints.

If you want to know more about doors, Canberra-based companies that provide customised screen doors can walk you through the options. Steel is still unsurpassed in terms of security, and if that is your priority, then perhaps aluminium is not the optimal choice.