Top of the Morning: 3 Ways to Relieve Morning Sickness

woman have a morning sicknessPregnancy is such a beautiful experience, but the feeling of wanting to vomit in the first weeks? Not so much. Having morning sickness is a struggle. In fact, the term isn’t entirely accurate because the condition could last the whole day for some women and create discomfort. But worry not, mom-to-be! Here are some tips you can try to minimize morning sickness:

Be picky when eating

It makes sense to watch what you eat, so you don’t upset your stomach, right? But which should you eat and which should you avoid? For starters, keep your hands off of fatty and spicy food since these trigger stomach acids, especially as your baby grows and pushes against the digestive tract. Instead, go for food rich in protein, like cheese and lean meat, according to Provo health experts.

Be sure not to skip meals because when the stomach is empty, it has nothing to process but its lining, which can trigger nausea. Eat snacks throughout the day. It may be good to munch on some crackers before you have a full breakfast. Discuss healthy diet options with an obstetrician, particularly your Provo doctor, as they would be able to recommend which food to eat and which to avoid.

Get a good night’s sleep

Stress and anxiety can make morning sickness worse, so you need to be well rested. Create a bedroom sanctuary so you can ensure better sleep. Keep the room temperature slightly cooler and close the shades in your windows. You may also get a maternity pillow to increase comfort and support your back and abdomen.

Follow good sleeping habits, as well. Stick to a regular sleeping schedule and plan naps during the day. Practice relaxation techniques, like deep breathing, and don’t forget to put on your sleeping masks and put off your mobile phones and gadgets.

Do something fun

“Fun” isn’t exactly what you’re looking for when struggling to keep the food down at your stomach, right? But this just means that you have to find something, a hobby perhaps, that you can do and enjoy so you can keep your mind off the morning sickness. Reading a book or baking, for instance, could help. Some women find the fun in exercise, although you have to make sure that you consult your doctor.

Morning sickness sometimes takes the fun out of pregnancy, but don’t let it. Try these tips and consult your doctor about how you can best reduce its symptoms.