Top Jewelry Pieces You Need to Own

Fashionable Jewelry in jewelry boxesPeople have used jewelry since time immemorial to enhance their appearance and indicate their social status. If you want to use jewelry as an accent to your style, there are jewelry pieces that are helpful in improving your everyday look.

Look for top jewelers in Utah who could help you find the right pieces that will suit your style. Here is a list of the top jewelry pieces that you should have:


Many people think rings are for weddings and engagements, but people still wear them as family tokens and souvenirs. Some people choose a simple golden or silver band, but some prefer gemstones as a solitaire.

Pearl Earrings

A pair of pearl earrings never goes out of style as it helps bring a unique kind of sophistication that exudes class and elegance. Match your little black dress with a pair of pearl earrings, and you look the height of sophistication, day or night.

Metallic Cuffs and Bracelets

Metallic cuffs are specially designed to look fierce. When choosing a cuff bracelet, the bigger, the better. Huge cuffs make arms look slender. Metallic cuffs can suit casual or formal wear.

Bracelets are a favorite for both genders, as they are given as remembrances and souvenirs. You could choose a link, omega, or gemstone bracelet.


A simple necklace never fails to bring out elegance and boldness. Many women prefer simple necklaces made of gold or silver. You can match a simple necklace with your casual wear or semi-formal wear.

You could also choose to wear a necklace with a pendant. You could choose a pendant that has a precious stone.

Whether a bold bracelet that perfectly suits your wrist, a pretty pendant for your neck, a beautifully handcrafted ring for your finger, or that sophisticated chains for your ankle, each piece has a uniqueness that should suit your style.