Top Bedroom Spots That Need Regular Cleaning to Keep Allergies Away

Bedroom FurnishingsThe bedroom might be one of the most comfortable places in your home but it can also be the room where you're most susceptible to allergies. There are a number of spots in your sleeping quarters where allergens can gather and can be a health hazard if left unchecked.

Here are some of those possible trouble spots: 

Beddings – Among all your bedroom furnishings, the bed is usually your most favored spot. But, it's also the favorite area for dust mites, grime, and mold to gather due to your own body's dampness and warmth. Install dust mite covers on your mattress. The Mattress Department says regularly changing and laundering of bed sheets, blankets, pillow cases, and even pillows can help reduce the presence of allergens as well. Also, you might want to replace your mattress with a more hypo-allergenic model.

Curtains – Allergens usually stick to heavy window drapes so opt for lighter material for window curtains and reserve heavy ones for winter when heat retention is prioritized in Salt Lake City. It is also essential to clean and replace curtains regularly. After all, dust and dirt will always collect on textile materials, and dusty drapes are not exactly aesthetically inviting or visually appealing.

Floors – For those with intense allergic reactions to dust, it's best to avoid carpets altogether. Choose to install hard floors, such as wood, vinyl, and marble, instead. For tiled flooring, make sure that they are filled properly in between spaces to avoid dust settling within the cracks. If you feel that you must have carpeting, then it is necessary to vacuum the entire room with a HEPA filter on a weekly basis. As an alternative, you can install washable rugs in strategic spots instead of full-on carpeting.

Regular maintenance and cleaning of these bedroom spots can greatly reduce incidents of allergic attacks in your family. Of course, do consistently clean the rest of your bedroom and avoid leaving litter and clutter that can gather dust. After all, comfort and health matters no matter how busy you are.