Top 5 Trends in Health and Wellness that You Will Continue to Love

Health and Wellness TrendsConsumer behaviour is changing the business landscape. In 2015, Mintel’s Senior Trends & Innovation Consultant Jane Barnett pointed out that consumer trends for Australia and New Zealand are geared towards health and wellness, technology, and consumer rights, which are all intersecting. This just proves that consumers are becoming more and more conscious, increasing the demand for healthier, more sustainable, and more responsible goods and services.

This immense health and wellness revolution has created many trends in the industry. Here are some of them.

1. Healthy Fast Food

You wake up one day and realise that people are suddenly swept by this green/organic/back-to-basic wave. You’re not actually sure when it started happening, but now all you hear is how people want to be healthier. When it comes to food, the idea of Slow Food Movement is appealing, but it is just not realistic for those who are always in a rush. Thankfully, there are now places serving fast and casual healthy food. Quick, convenient, guiltless.

2. Juicing

This may sound absurd for big meat-eaters, but people are loving the idea of juicing not only for weight loss but more for detoxification. You may have friends who, after a weekend of binging, would go juicing for a couple of days to flush out all the toxins and they would swear how much better they feel after. Fresh-pressed bottled juices may be quite expensive, but you are guaranteed that all ingredients are from reliable fruit and veg wholesaler, Simon George & Sons notes.

3. Labelling

Consumers are putting more effort in educating themselves about what they put into their bodies. They want to know where their food comes from and who produce them. They are starting to question the presence of chemicals. Thus, food products with clever labelling would have an advantage. GMO-free, organic, gluten-free – they all sound positively healthy.

4. Live Streaming Workouts

It’s not a secret that the fitness industry is worth billions now. There are so much more new workouts, and gyms start popping everywhere. Personal trainers are also in demand. Then here comes live streamed workouts . This concept is rather new in Australia, but it’s expected to make a big hit. You will be able to join different workout sessions – be it a cycling class, yoga, or body-weight training – at your own convenience. This will save a lot of time and money, so who wouldn’t want that.

5. Wellness Retreats

Technology has taken over our lifestyle. It has also radically modified this industry. There are mobile apps to track your running and calories, and it has even crossed over fashion with those wearables and fitness bands. People have become addicted, and some have found a cure through wellness retreats. There are now arranged group retreats, which will allow you to experience digital detox for a while, a weekend perhaps. Other activities may also include yoga, meditation, and green workshops.

Health and wellness industry is doing well, and Australia can expect that it will be an upward sloping trend. Because of the thriving success of this sector, consumers are being bombarded with a lot of concepts and ideas.