Tips to Extend AC Service Life for as Long as Possible

Man checking on air conditioning unitMichiganians rely on air conditioners to beat the heat of the Wolverine State’s hottest months. Unfortunately, many units don’t reach the end of their lifespan by either working unnecessarily too hard or receiving insufficient TLC.

Considering how important your AC is to your home’s year-round comfort, it only makes sense to do what’s essential to keep it functional. To make the most of it, use these cardinal tips:

Observe Preventive Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, any heating and air conditioning expert in St. Joseph, Michigan, would advise you to take a proactive approach. For maximum performance and longevity, you ought to give your unit regular care and attention.

If you’re reactive to problems, you’re likely to spend a greater amount of money on repairs over time and pay for more energy consumption due to inefficiencies. But even if your AC manufacturer permits DIY tune-ups, it’s still best to leave the job to professionals.

In many cases, issues that arise because of poor workmanship can void the product warranty.

Boost Home Energy Efficiency

Buying the right kind of air conditioner for your space doesn’t guarantee optimum and long-lasting performance. Without having a complete thermal enclosure system, your home’s demand for cooling would be higher than it should. In turn, your AC has to work harder unnecessarily.

Chronic heat buildups would put too much stress on your unit, causing it to act up prematurely. To protect your home against intense solar heat and decrease the chances of air leakage, prioritize energy-efficient home improvements.

Window replacement, insulation installation, and cool roof upgrade are some of the best projects to focus on.

Invest in Smart Technology

Put your money on a programmable thermostat. According to former Alliance to Save Energy president Kateri Callahan, it can help trim your energy costs by 10%, and pay for itself within months. Its adjustment setting allows you to minimize the load on your AC, especially when you’re away.

This way, you can economize on household energy consumption.

A well-maintained and energy-efficient air conditioner is vital to your home’s overall livability. If you keep its health and performance in mind, it’ll get your comfort covered year after year.