Tips for Fridge Maintenance

a hand is opening the fridgeDealing with the abysmal state of the home refrigerator is not a one-person job. The whole family should be in on it, as every member uses the appliance all year. Sure, Mom and Dad might be doing most of the cooking, but even children need to learn that milk and their favorite frozen pops will be no more if they don’t care for their fridge. Here’s how you can handle the situation without burdening a member of the family:

Have a Schedule

The life of your fridge depends on how often you have it serviced. In Salt Lake City, the weather can be hot. Without a consistent internal temperature, your refrigerator will be problematic. Scheduled maintenance should keep problems to a minimum. Even if ice has not accumulated yet, you can let the whole family know that the fridge should be cleared every Friday evening to avoid forgetting rotten food items.

Make a List

Communication is essential in the family, more so when it comes to doing the groceries. Someone might notice that you’ve run out of eggs and without telling anyone, they could get a dozen on their way home. Meanwhile, another member could have seen the same thing and bought eggs, too. You’ll be wasting money that you could have saved by merely attaching a list of things to buy on the fridge door. Still, that’s not the only list you can make. You can keep a checklist online so that every member of the family can access it anytime. That means they don’t have to go home to see the contents of the fridge before buying food. Also, the list can be updated in real time.

Who said that your fridge has to be chaotic? Get every member of the family to contribute to keeping the appliance clean and stocked.