Three Ways to Liven Up Your School Uniform

school wearSchool uniforms are a reality for most students in primary and secondary school across Australia. Although some pupils think of this manner of dress as restrictive and boring, there are actually many ways to add character to an otherwise plain uniform. Of course, this is granted that the school your child attends allows students to take a few liberties.

Encourage your child to add a little bit of their personal style through the following ways:

Stepping it Up in Style

Most Australian school uniforms are lax and not as restrictive as those seen in other countries. Assuming that the school your child attends does not impose the use of dress shoes, then the easiest way to personalise a daily uniform is by means of footwear.

Look into the guidelines regarding footwear and start there. Chances are public schools will not be as strict, so this allows both male and female students a variety of options. For the boys, sneakers and topsiders are a must-have in every closet. These allow the young men to change things up every now and then. Choices for the girls, however, are more varied. The little ladies can stock up on all sorts of designs, from ballet flats to sneakers and so much more.

Backpack, backpack!

Another way to add personality to a school uniform is by choosing a great backpack—or shoulder bag, or purse, or whatever else fits—to go with it. For added fun, the young ones can add pins and all sorts of personal effects to create a bag that is truly their own.

It’s All in the Accessories

The easiest way to personalise the look of a uniform is with accessories. Get your child a necklace or wrist accessories that fit their personalities best. This is much easier for the girls, because of the addition of hairclips or other accessories for the hair. For the guys, however, a simple wristwatch is enough to add character.

Think about these little things that can make a big difference. The purpose of a uniform is to instil a sense of equality in terms of attire, but that does not mean your personality has to take a backseat.

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