Three Types of Cosmetic Dental Treatments to Correct Teeth Imperfections

Cosmetic Dentist in Wilmette Everyone wants to have a perfect set of sparkling white teeth. If you still have teeth imperfections, there is a way for you to get rid of them and improve your smile. Going to your cosmetic dentist is the first step, to know which dental treatments may make your teeth as appealing as you want them to be.

Here are some of the most common procedures your chosen dentist might recommend:

Teeth Whitening

Teeth may naturally be yellowish or umber in color. Some people experience teeth discoloration and staining because of smoking or consuming beverages such as wine, soda, and coffee. For sparkling white teeth, a suitable cosmetic treatment for you is teeth whitening. It may take two to four visits depending on the severity of the discoloration. Your trusted dentist in Wilmette, IL may also recommend take-home trays to further improve the effect of the treatment. Glenlake Dental Care says take-home trays may improve the teeth by up to six shades.

Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and onlays are fillings made of composite materials or porcelain and are used when old fillings need replacement. They are made in a dental laboratory specifically to match the patient’s tooth, which will be covered up by the inlays and onlays. They are called inlays if the filling will be attached to the edges of the tooth, while they are called onlays if the filling will extend over the cusps.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are more popular for middle-aged adults who need a replacement for a missing tooth. Implants may also be used to cover up chipped, broken, or crooked tooth. These are often made of titanium but resemble the appearance of natural teeth. The process involves fitting the implant with a crown. With proper care, implants may last decades.

Consult your trusted cosmetic dentist soon to know more about these treatments and other types that might be perfect for you.