Three Advantages of Using NFC Technology

Man using contactless paymentNear Field Communication (NFC) is a technology that allows your smartphone to communicate and share information with other devices that also have NFC smart tags. However, your phone and the other device must be near each other, usually within a radius of 4 cm. NFC is free to use and does not rely on LTE, 3G, or Wi-Fi connection. lists more of its many advantages.

1. Versatile Use

One of the major benefits of NFC is its versatility. Different types of industries can utilise it in various ways. For example, restaurants and retail shops can use it as a contactless payment system. It can also be used as a way to share information, book train tickets, and buy movie tickets, as well as redeem coupons and rewards.

2. Convenience

Contactless payment is the most popular use of NFC technology. It allows users to load and choose from multiple cards which to use for their purchase. With just one swipe or tap of their smartphone, customers can easily pay for their purchases without the hassle of counting money or rummaging through their purses or wallets to look for their credit or debit card.

3. Better Customer Experience

Today’s young generation relies heavily on technology, particularly their smartphones. They want every transaction done in just one tap or click. Customers may view companies who are stuck in the past and stubbornly refuse to adopt change as backward and non-progressive. With the use of NFC, you are not just offering them a hassle-free and easy mode of payment. You are also giving them a better customer experience, which helps you retain your old customers and attract new ones.

The use of NFC is not just limited to payment transactions. It can also be used to share information, making it a useful technology for schools, libraries and museums. With just a tap or a swipe, visitors can view and read information about certain displays at art galleries or museums.