Things to Do Before You Put Your Car into Storage

Storage Unit in PerthThere are some seasons or circumstances when you’d want to put your vehicle into storage. When you have any such plans, it’s necessary to ensure your vehicle is well prepared. The vehicle can develop some problems when it’s not in use. Follow a checklist to ensure your vehicle is ready for storage.

  • Cover and keep it dry

In Perth, cars can get damaged due to temperature changes, weather, moisture, dirt and dust. Find a dry and enclosed area for storage. Car storage spaces are the best option, as they keep the cars dry and clean. It’s also a good idea to keep the vehicle covered by a breathable material, for extra protection against moist air, dust and dirt.

  • Remove the battery, a storage company in Perth, says a 10×20 unit is the size of a small car garage. This size gives you enough room for your vehicle, but before storage, you should remove or disconnect all the electronics.

Remove the battery and ensure it stops charging when it’s fully charged. Prevent corrosion by using washers made of felt or similar materials, to keep the posts of various terminals covered. Clean the wiring and protect the various electrical connections from adverse weather conditions.

  • Fill the tank

Moisture can damage the gas tank. Fill the tank completely before you keep your car in the car storage. Add a fuel additive in the full tank of gas. This will prevent the gas from hardening up and blocking up the injectors and carburettor. This will also make sure the gas is ready for use when you remove the car from storage.

Clean the vehicle and get it checked before you put it away. This will protect the interiors, the tyres and the paint when the car’s not in use.