The Wrong Breakfast: 3 Habits that are Ruining Your Morning Meal

Breakfast“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

Did you just get flashbacks of your mom giving you that long sermon back when you were in third grade? Of course, mothers know best and in this case, she is right yet again. A growing body of research says that a good meal in the morning does not just prepare your body for activities ahead, it can also keep you from developing serious diseases like diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Alright, so you eat breakfast every day. That is good. But the question is, are you doing it right? Apparently, there is such a thing as wrong breakfast. Have you ever had those days when you ate a loaded breakfast, but an hour or so later, it feels like you did not eat anything at all? This is one sign you are eating the wrong breakfast.

Avoid these common mistakes to make sure you are eating the right breakfast meal:

1. You are not consuming enough protein

Have you ever poured some milk into a bowl of cereal and then realise you are late for work? Chances are you rush eating and just leave the milk. One cup of milk contains eight grams of protein, so if you are not consuming all the milk you poured, you are not getting enough protein. If you are always pressed for time, there are breakfast restaurants you can go to and grab healthy meals especially prepared by chefs.

2. You are avoiding all fat

Too much fat is bad, but less or no fat is not good, either. Perhaps you have been eating a no-fat meal for the past few days. Notice how you easily get hungry after just an hour of eating? To curb that, eat yogurt that has 2 percent fat or add some nuts to your meal.

3. You eat way too much sweets

Admit it, you love chocolate pancakes and muffins for breakfast? Who doesn’t, right? Apparently, these are bad breakfast choices. These food items cause insulin spikes. After that, the blood sugar drops and you will feel hungry again. If you are trying to watch your diet, starting your day with a sweet cinnamon bun is clearly not the way to shrink those inches.

Are you eating breakfast right? Avoid these mistakes and strive for a healthy breakfast.

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