The When, What and Why of Finger Food Platters

Finger Foods in AucklandFinger food is the ultimate event food. They serve as a filler during formal events, as an appetiser for sit-down occasions, and of course, as the main dish for more laid back parties. Whatever gathering you’re hosting, it’s always wise to consider finger food platters as a way of keeping your guests satisfied. Here is the when, what and why of finger food.

When is it appropriate to serve finger food platters?

You can serve finger food platters in any event you are hosting. Still, finger food is not — as Spit Roast Catering Company reminds hosts — a meal replacement, no matter how hearty or how scrumptious they are. There are catering services that specialise in finger food platter, so you may order from one to save time. On the other hand, you are also free to cook your own finger food. But that’s doable for more intimate events, rather than gatherings where you have a hundred or more attendees.

What are the kinds of finger food?

Finger food is typically any food which can be eaten directly with your hands. They also come in bite-size pieces. Finger food may be sweet or savoury, depending on your taste or what suits the occasion. Sweet finger food includes tiny cake slices, croissants, scones and even chocolate dipped biscuits. On the other hand, savoury finger food includes miniature meat pies and quiches, sausages, nachos, chicken wings, potato fritters, calamari chips and pita pockets.

Why should finger food platters be served?

Finger food platters are basically trays of finger food served at any event. They are an immediate party-pleaser with a variety that can match any occasion. Because of the massive assortment of possible finger food, everybody will be satisfied: toddlers, children, teenagers, adults and seniors. Vegetarians, vegans, pescetarians and anybody else with specific food preferences would be glad to know that there are finger food choices for them as well.

There you have it: the convenience of finger food platters.