The Roles of a Legal Nurse Consultant

Two senior citizens talking to a nurse in a hospital gardenThere are many reasons why you might want to become a legal nurse consultant. You get higher pay than a regular nurse does, for one thing. The demand for one is also high as about a quarter of lawyers deal with cases related to the medical industry.

However, the most compelling thing about being an LNC is the roles you play in the justice system. The typical work environments of an LNC include government offices, law firms, and insurance companies. For each one, the LNC play different roles. Here are the top five.


The LNC reviews medical records to see if there is a case for a medical malpractice claim. The LNC can spot if there is something wrong with medical records, such as missing information or evidence of tampering. The records will also show if the patient got the proper treatment or diagnosis.


Since an LNC is a registered nurse first, he or she can summarize medical records in terms a non-medical person can understand. The LNC can teach lawyers and insurance adjusters the meaning of medical terms, timelines, and treatments as they affect a case or claim. The LNC can also act as a go-between for lawyers, clients, and doctors to make sure there is no miscommunication.


LNCs can serve a more active role in investigating cases of Medicare or Medicaid fraud. They can also check claims of disability to see if it is true. In personal injury cases against a health care professional or facility, the LNC can investigate if there are grounds for them.


LNCs are qualified to prepare reports and exhibits for use as evidence in a trial. They may also suggest a line of questioning for the lawyers for use in depositions and interviews. The LNC can also guide the lawyer in preparing a witness for a trial.

Expert witness

Aside from doing background work for cases and claims, LNCs may also appear as expert witnesses in the proceedings. The lawyer may ask the LNC to talk about the medical facts of the case and to give an opinion. The LNC may also have the task of finding expert witnesses to give their opinions when needed.


An LNC plays a vital role in the justice system. They play many parts, depending on the need. Their primary purpose is to serve as the go-between for the medical and legal profession to avoid miscommunication. Become a legal nursing consultant to have an exciting and rewarding life.