The Right Racking for Your Warehouse

Pallet Racking SystemAutomated storage has arrived in Australia! An international company that distributes to over 70 countries has added Australia to its distribution list. The automated storage system the company brought automates all of the reception, storage and outbound processes of palletised or boxed goods. The system was said to have been optimised to minimise storage footprint and to expedite the product handling process. The company envisions that the system can achieve high-volume storage in any warehouse size or condition.

Think Again

Now, you may be a business owner yourself with a warehouse or some other storage facility to store products and product materials. An automated storage system may seem like a great idea. Before you jump on the hype wagon, however, you first have to think about it hard.

Choose Correctly

Shelving Shop Group says there are several types of pallet racking and storage systems. You can choose between cantilever racking, selective pallet racking, double deep racking, drive-in racking and heavy duty pallet racking system. You have to choose the right type of racking, however, to avoid overestimating or underestimating your racking specifications.

Know Your Storage

When you are deciding which type to get, you can consider a few things. You can first think of what kinds of goods are you storing. When you store items with a low turnover rate, you can choose a racking system with a low weight loading capacity. When you expect a high turnover rate, you will be better off with a higher weight loading capacity.

Estimate Space

You can also think about how much floor space do you want or need for your storage. When you have a high number of storage and a limited space, you may want to opt for a racking system that optimises floor space. When you have abundant space, you can choose racking that is much more spread out.

There are several other factors you can think of to make you decide what type of racking to get. With enough pondering, you will be able to choose the perfect racking system for your warehouse.