The Must-Consider Factors when Selecting an Air Conditioner

Split type air conditionerYour air conditioning system plays a vital role in the comfort and overall liveability of your home, seeing that it provides you with a much-needed respite from Sydney’s scorching hot summers.

This, and the fact that ACs cost quite a lot of money should prompt you to choose wisely, and not just in terms of unit type, but also the people who will install the system for you.

The most appropriate type of air conditioner for your household needs

Air conditioners fall into one of three primary classifications: portable, split systems, and ducted. Split ACs remain the most popular, and for many good reasons. They are best suited for a wide range of home sizes, with their prices affordable enough you can get them for each room in your house.

You still should factor in your household’s air conditioning requirements, such as the number of rooms you want air conditioning in, as well as the size itself of your house. Working with a highly experienced air conditioning contractor will help you make the most suitable choice for your cooling requirements.

More than just cooling

Also, some modern split systems now also come with ‘zoning’ and ‘reverse cycle’ features. Zoning allows you to choose which rooms you want conditioned air in, helping you reduce energy waste from having to cool airs even when not in use. The reverse cycle feature, on the other hand, gives you both cooling and heating capabilities, so you technically have a cooler and a heater in one.

Keeping it licensed

Before you choose a contractor, make sure that the service provider has the proper contracting documents, particularly licensure. Only licensed HVAC contractors can carry out air conditioning-related work, from installation to repairs, in accordance with the NSW Government’s Fair Trading laws and regulations.

You may have to pay slightly more, but the assurance of safety and proper installation easily outweighs this additional cost.