The Life of an Academic: The Six Essential Conference Items

The Life of a ScholarIf attending conferences and seminars is your thing, enjoy it. There are a number of people who love to learn and discuss thesis topics exhaustively. Some people like to sit on the panel, while others prefer to be part of the audience and there are also handfuls enjoying the spotlight whilst standing behind a podium. This is part of an academic’s life — exposing one’s self to higher learning.

Aside from sharpening the most dangerous weapon you can ever wield, an academic who finds fulfilment in conferences usually receives a kit, and these items happen to assist him or her in the pursuit of wisdom. If you are a regular conference-goer, delegate, panellist, or speaker, you are likely to be familiar with these tools of the trade.

Astute Promotions, the premier source for a large range of promotional and/or advertising items, lists down the six essential conference items:

1. Badges – You know how you should be proud of yourself, right? Wear a badge announcing the conference’s name, or even better, your university logo. You are well aware of how you earned this through perseverance.

2. Bags – You need this for all your papers, as well as the books autographed by your favourite professors, authors and scientists.

3. ID Tags and Holders – How else will everyone know you’re part of the conference if you didn’t have an ID with your name and post grad degree on it?

4. Lanyards – Same as badges, these can have the design of your university or the conference’s name.

5. Water – For the speaker who had to discuss at length why Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud were brilliant.

6. Wrist Bracelet – The average people just have to know you were attending a significant event that could potentially change the world in a few years.

These items, as well as corporate clothing, polo shirts, pens, mugs and umbrellas, are also an academic’s campus must-brings. As a scholar, you know how real the struggle is — because your research work can save the human race and you need all the help you can get.