The Importance of Light Planning

light bulbsBalancing lights in any setting can be a bit problematic, especially since no one takes it seriously until they reach a point when there is nothing they can do about it. The biggest problem with lighting is that everything from the brightness of the illumination to the placement of the bulbs needs to be set before any of the contractors can lay down any of the wiring.

Not having a clear vision of the overall plan is a financial disaster waiting to happen. Any kind of change is going to include not only buying new equipment, but also ripping out the current wires and planning a new schematic as well. Fortunately, there are a few simple things to help home planners to keep the vision of their kitchen secure in their minds.

The professionals from Goettling Interior Design say that shadows are going to be the biggest problem when planning the lighting of the kitchen. It is not exactly safe to walk around in a dark area while handling knives, stoves, and hot soup.

A good way to test for shadows is by bringing a flashlight into the room to simulate where the lights will be placed. Doing this should at least provide a preliminary idea of what going through a normal day in the finished kitchen would feel like. Anyone using the technique, however, has to remember that the overall effect of lighting does not depend on just one source. What may look terrible from the perspective of having just one light source may look stunning with two or more similar sources.

Only the most experienced of interior designers can confidently predict how their vision will play out without using such techniques, and that is only because of years of watching how rooms form. Never trust a contractor that does not make lighting one of their priorities, because chances are they do not know what they’re doing.

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