The Different Recruitment Methods for an HGV Driving Agency

Male staff driverMore and more companies, including driving and shipping businesses, now rely on recruitment agencies to fill vacant job positions. More job seekers are also signing up for staff placements with these staffing firms. Do you know the different recruitment methods these companies use to help an HGV driving agency with its staffing needs?

Project outsourcing

Also known as contracting, project outsourcing is a kind of recruitment wherein a company looks for candidates to work for different clients on temporary projects, but for some time. As a job seeker, a project sourcing company will employ you permanently. This method of recruitment works for employers who want to hire people with specialized knowledge for specific projects.

Recruitment and selection

Staffing and talent selection is a hiring process in which the agency looks for candidates to fill job positions of a particular client. The recruitment agency acts as the middleman between the jobseeker and the company looking for employees, and his or her work comes to a halt once the job candidate begins working with the client. This recruitment method is suitable for individuals seeking permanent job positions and for companies who have no time to find employees themselves.


This kind of recruitment focuses on getting employees to handle short-term projects. Recruitment agencies act as the middlemen between hiring companies and employees. Typically, these employees are to deal with a one-time task, replace a laid-off employee, or handle a temporary increase in the workload.

Recruiting employees is a time-consuming activity for any employer. Also, getting a job can be stressful for job seekers. It is at this point where a recruitment agency comes to be the link between the employer and the job seeker so that companies can get the right talent to fill vacant positions, cover employees who are on a break, and handle workloads in peak seasons.