Thank Heavens! How Cloud Storage Helps Companies

Cloud StorageCloud storage is rapidly becoming businesses’ preferred choice for storing digital data. While using in-house servers to back up files is the norm, more and more companies are transitioning from physical to online data storage. ALLTEKS Ltd reports that the shift could be due to the range of benefits afforded to companies when they store data in the cloud, from the flexibility of accessing data to bigger cost savings.

Synchronisation and Collaboration

Cloud storage lets businesses sync any file from computers connected in the same local network. This minimises, if not eliminates, the need to transfer data physically from one computer to another using traditional storage media such as USBs. It also eliminates the process of transferring files via email.

Some cloud storage providers even allow businesses to view and modify data from the cloud by using an online portal. This allows geographically dispersed employees to instantaneously collaborate with one another and finish a task efficiently.

File Storage and Sharing Is More Secure

Cloud storage is safer than in-house servers because data stored in a physical location could be wiped by viruses, structural damage, computer failure and theft. Online storage prevents this by providing a redundancy for every level. In addition, it can encrypt any file for extra security.

When it comes to file sharing, it can be worrisome to share files through email. Furthermore, large quantities of files can clog up an inbox and make file retrieval difficult. Online storage addresses these issues by transferring files safely and effectively between employees on a confidential basis.

Files Are Accessible at All Times

When a company loses its internet connection due to problems with the service provider, the increased downtime and service losses could lead a business to suffer from financial setbacks. On the other hand, cloud storage can keep things running smoothly by ensuring that files remain available even without internet connectivity.

These cloud storage benefits help companies keep their files synchronised, secure and accessible. Businesses looking to transfer all their files to the cloud must ensure that they choose the right cloud storage provider to address their needs.