Tailor Your Event: How You Can Attract Millennials to Your Big Event

Big EventTargeting the Millennial crowd is never easy for event organizers. With all the distractions today, such as social media, online games or cool gadgets, it’s difficult to get their attention. Saying your big event is hip is not enough to make them go.

Whether it’s a conference, fundraising or convention, every event has a target market. But the younger generation has a huge impact on the market. Most of them are demanding, self-oriented, and have high expectations. They want an event that is convenient and adapted to their desires. Read on to know how you can start attracting and engaging millennial attendees.

Become Mobile-Friendly

A recent study reveals that around 90 percent of Americans now own smartphones, compared with the 65 percent only in 2012. What’s shocking is that the majority falls in the 18-34 demographic. This is the reason the easiest way to connect with Millennials is through a mobile device. Use a reliable event ticketing platform, which will allow you to create a custom mobile app that targets those on-the-go. Don’t forget to optimize your website for mobile use. It would be better if you work with industry professionals, such as Growtix.com, that offers event management technology services. Not to mention help you develop a mobile marketing strategy.

Be More Visible on Social Media

Use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to your advantage. Establish a strong social presence and keep your followers updated. Make each content shareable so people can comment, ask or suggest. You can build trust when you let your target market interact with you before the big day.

Simplify Registration

There’s no need for a 10-step process just to register online or buy a ticket to your event. Start simplifying the procedure by limiting the questions. Make it clear, concise, and relevant. Make sure the app’s design is catchy and easy to navigate.

The purchasing power of the younger generation is something event organizers shouldn’t ignore. It’s an unavoidable market, so focus your efforts on getting their attention and build your way up.

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