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Four Secrets Your Favorite Plumber is Keeping from You

Man fixing sink plumbingLeaky faucet, spooky pipe noises, and clogged drains – these are common household horrors that call for the service of your friendly local plumber.

Apparently, though, there are several secrets your plumber won’t tell you. And knowing these secrets may help you find a better service, learn DIY fixes, and save you from expensive, unnecessary service.

Need an honest recommendation?

If you just moved in your house or simply unhappy with the service of your current local plumber, it’s best to ask around for a certified and reliable one. Start by calling the nearest plumbing supply or fixture store, not by going to the Yellow Pages and going for the first ad that you see. For sure, the store will be able to recommend some good ones for you. Yes, they don’t work with bad plumbers. You can also read reviews online.

Not every single plumber out there has a license.

Just because a plumber or plumbing company has an ad in the local paper doesn’t mean they are licensed ones. You will want to work with a registered pro, not someone who is simply after your money. Consult with your local chamber of commerce or city hall for a list of licensed plumbers in your area.

Toilet always clogged? It could be the “flushable” wipes.

There is no way “flushable” is synonymous to “plumbing-friendly.” According to Expert Plumbing, Heating, Air and Electrical, one of the companies offering emergency plumbing in Salt Lake City, flushable baby wipes are a common cause of clogged pipes. Unlike toilet paper, they don’t break down with water. If you don’t want to clog your toilet, might as well find an alternative to these wipes.

DIY fixes are easier than you thought, check YouTube.

You can save a lot of money if you know the tricks. Of course, you don’t need to attend a plumber’s class. All you need is look for tutorials on YouTube. You can learn anything from using a simple wire hanger to solve blocked drains to replacing the thermocouple of your troubled hot water heater.

With a little research and patience, you can avoid the need for a plumbing service or at least minimize the costs.

Save On Your Energy Bill: Install Efficient Heaters

Heater Installation in SandyFor people living in cold regions or areas receiving large amount of snow, often end up paying more for proper heating. If you are facing a similar problem, it is essential that you choose to install an efficient heating device at your home. The heating equipment that you fix must not only be effective in heating your house but energy-efficient. Although, it is a personal preference, you should select one that does not waste energy, be it fossil fuel or electricity.

When you purchase a heating device, you could consult heating services in Sandy, such as expertplumbingutah.com, to understand your requirements better. Some of the points that you should discuss with heating sandy are as follows:

Space heaters
  • These heaters depend on fossil fuels such as diesel or natural gas. You should install one only if you are comfortable using fossil fuel.
  • They also have exposed areas, which generate high heat. Sometimes space heaters may prove to be hazardous for small children
  • Most space heaters are quite efficient and can distribute heat effectively
  • Radiators using electricity to generate heat. These can be installed in a single room or used to heat the entire floor
  • The radiator have electrically controlled thermostat that stop the generation of heat once the threshold level is reached
  • Electric heaters distribute heat evenly and as there are no exposed surfaces the chance of accidents are much less.

Whether you choose a space heater or a radiator, take your budget into account. Also the heater that you wish to install must be cost- and energy- efficient. After all, a heater will be a permanent fixture and a highly used device in your home. So choose one only after careful consideration.

Common Plumbing Problems at Home


Plumbing in Salt Lake City“A plumber is an adventurer who traces leaky pipes to their source.”

This is a quote from the late American journalist, Arthur Baer. In his quote, he explains the complexity of plumbing because you have to find the problem from a vast array of possible sources. Homeowners may experience minor plumbing problems that impede daily activities.

Thus, it is important to seek services from professionals who can assess and detect the source of the problem to ensure effective repair.

Clogged Drains

When water slowly drains into the kitchen sink, toilet or bathtub, it may be due to a clogged drain. Kitchen sink blockages are caused by accumulation of grease and solid food in the pipe walls. Toilets and bathtubs may be occluded due to hair, tissue paper and soap chips that are not disposed properly. Unfortunately, some clogs cannot be removed through washing and emulsification. Hence, you need a professional plumber in Salt Lake City to eliminate regular clogs without causing irreversible damage in the pipes.

Dripping Faucets

Leaky faucets result to higher water bill because water unnecessarily drips. Even if you tighten the faucet seal, water will continue to pass because of damaged washers. Hence, you need an expert to repair rubber or silicon washers to increase resistance of water in pipes and faucet. A professional plumber can also detect other damages such as valve corrosion or completely destroyed washers that may contribute to leaky faucets.

Low Water Pressure

Water passes through the pipes and flows to the tip of the faucet to provide water supply in your home. In the pipes, gushing water causes buildup of minerals that stick to the pipes. This affects the filters and aerators that regulate the pressure of flowing water. This is a plumbing emergency that requires help from professional plumbers who can remove accumulated sediments.

The Bottom Line

Several plumbing problems are difficult to fix on your own. Thus, you need an expert who can regularly maintain and repair pipes, faucets and filters to avoid long-term plumbing damage.

Water Damage: #1 Reason to Get Plumbing Problems Fixed ASAP


PlPlumbing Problems in San Diego Water damage is one of the most expensive types of property damage a homeowner can ever face. Although some causes are uncontrollable, such as harsh weather, many are actually a result of human negligence.

So before you disregard the importance of maintaining your plumbing system, Perry Plumbing Heating & Air suggests some of the most important facts about them and the kind of problems they can cause.

Faulty Plumbing: A Primary Cause of Water Damage

Although many factors can contribute to water damage, faulty plumbing is one of the most common. Just a single burst pipe left unfixed for a couple of hours can already cause thousands of dollars in water damaged properties. Worst, the water may contain disease-causing microorganisms, especially if it has something to do with clogged drainages and sewer lines.

Contributors to Problems in the Plumbing System

Torrential rains, hurricanes, and heavy snowing can all cause water damage. Those caused by faulty plumbing systems, on the other hand, include leaky dishwashers, severed water hoses, blockages in pipes and drainages, backed-up toilets, as well as cracked or broken pipes.

Water Damage and Mold Exposure

Water damage creates other serious problems that affect more than just your property; it also makes your home far more susceptible to mold growth and development. Molds can thrive and spread really fast, and exposure to these microorganisms put your health at risk. They can also eat away at anything, including the hardest, sturdiest components of your home’s foundation. This alone already puts your safety at risk.

Correct Plumbing Maintenance: Key to Preventing Water Damage

It makes more sense to prevent water damage than worry about fixing it. Since the plumbing is one of its leading causes, you should have problems with it corrected by a professional right away. Call a plumbing specialist in San Diego as soon as you notice problems basic homeowner troubleshooting or quick fixes will not resolve.